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The Pool Management Group

More Value. Less Worry.

The Pool Management Group and our family of companies make up the largest privately held pool management company in the United States.

The company began in Atlanta, GA in 1983. After 10 years of creating and refining customer focused pool management processes in the Atlanta market, co-founders Jim Fraser and Chris Davis partnered with Jeff Gaeckle and began replicating their business processes across the country. 

Each company in The Pool Management Group family has been started  by the founders. We are not a franchise and we don't believe in buying companies. Instead our values, priorities and processes are embedded as we start and grow each location. 

The Pool Management Group doesn't run any pools, unless a company in the organization needs a backup team. Instead, The Pool Management Group only supports their various locations -- helping them operate at the high quality, customer focused service levels that HOAs, municipalities, and country clubs need.  

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